Monday, June 10, 2013

Showcase Project: Lifecycle of a Mealworm

Students in Grade 1 studied the lifecycle of a mealworm. They were asked to put pictures of each stage of the lifecycle in order and label each stage.

Showcase Project: 3rd Grade Sports Comics

Students researched popular sports and summarized their learning in a comic created with Powerpoint. Students were reminded to fill captions and speech bubbles with informational content.

Showcase Project - 3rd Grade Study of Matter and Energy
Students in Mr. Kent's Grade 3 class have been learning about Matter and Energy. During technology time, students created quizzes for their classmates using Microsoft Powerpoint. Through this project, students learned how to implement transitions, animations and much more!

Showcase Project - 5th Grade Study of Theme
Students in Grade 5 read the short story "Eleven" written by Sandra Cisneros. After reading the story, students identified one of the themes found in the story and created concept maps using Kidspiration software, citing examples in the story that supported the theme.

Showcase Project - Kindergarten Water Cycle Study
Students in Kindergarten have been learning about the water cycle in Science with Ms. Isom. Using Tux Paint, students created pictures that demonstrated their knowledge of the water cycle.

Showcase Project - Grade 1 Career Projects
Students in Grade 1 learned about careers from our counselor, Ms. Riney. During technology time they created pictures using MS Paint of career they thought sounded fun, then used microphones to narrate a short message about the career.
Click to hear an example==>

Showcase Project - Grade 1 Health Project
Students in Grade 1 have been learning about health in their classrooms. Students created comics using Arthur Comic Creator depicting characters making healthy choices such as eating right, exercising and getting plenty of sleep.

Showcase Project - Grade 3 Storybirds
Students in Mr. Serafin's Grade 3 class created story books using an online program called "Storybird". With Storybird, students use artwork from real artists as their inspiration to craft a story..
Click Here to view a student created Storybird

Showcase Project - Grade 2 Digital Stories
Students in Mrs. Gillespie's Grade 2 class created digital stories that combined writing, narration and illustrations. Students really enjoyed watching their stories come to life. Click to enjoy one of our student's stories!

Showcase Project - Grade 1 Character Traits Project
Students in Grade 1 learned about character traits. They created posters using COMIC LIFE, that included pictures of people displaying the character trait of kindness. Students then wrote captions for the pictures.

Showcase Project - Grade 3 States Brochures
Grade 3 students created brochures on their state using Microsoft Publisher. Students researched attractions found in their states, imported pictures from the internet and formatted text for their brochures.

Showcase Project - 2nd Grade Poetry
Second grade students have been writing poetry with Ms. Montali. During technology time, students illustrated and published their poetry using Foundation purchased laptops. The second grade poets then recorded themselves reading their poetry piece.
Listen to the 2nd Grade Poetry pieces by clicking on the links below (note: poems are organized by the rotation):

Showcase Project - Kindergarten Aquarium Books
Kindergarten students enjoyed a wonderful field trip to the nearby Birch Aquarium. After the field trip, students created Aquarium Mini-Books using Microsoft Powerpoint. Students typed in text and imported pictures into their projects. Beautiful covers were designed for their mini-books. The results were too cute!

Showcase Project - Halloween Digital Stories
Students in Grade 3 created digital stories using Microsoft Photostory. To create digital stories, students wrote Halloween stories and then drew pictures depicting various scenes of their stories. The pictures were then scanned and imported into Photostory. Students then added narration and created their own music to go along with their stories. A sample digital story, "North American Halloween", may be viewed here: eugenia photostory compressed.wmv

Showcase Project - Kindergarten Study of Animal Life Cycles
Kindergarten students studied animal life cycles in their Science class with Ms. Isom. During technology time, they created posters using Comic Life that demonstrated their knowledge of the different life cycle stages of a chicken. 

Showcase Project - Grade 3 ABC Books

Grade 3 students created ABC books on a topic of their choice. Topics were researched and students were given instruction on how to create a Powerpoint presentation. This project was worked on a majority of the time during independent work time using classroom netbooks. 

Showcase Project - Kindergarten Study of Ways to Make Numbers
Kindergarten students have been working with ways to represent a number. During technology time, they created pictures using Tux Paint that demonstrated different ways to represent a number.

Showcase Project - Kindergarten Nicies Book Pages

Kindergarten students read several books from the Meanies series of books as part of their character study unit. Students were instructed to create a page using Tux Paint for a classroom Nicies book.  

Showcase Project - Grade 5 Explorers Podcasts

Grade 5 students have been studying New World Explorers. To integrate technology into their study of explorers, they created podcasts that described explorations. 

Showcase Project - Grade 1 Spring Pictures

Grade 1 students learned how to use the basic tools available in Microsoft Paint. Students created Spring pictures.

Showcase Project - Grade 3 Native American Webpages
Grade 3 displayed their knowledge of Native American tribes by creating Native American tribe webpages that included information about where the tribes lived, the food they ate, ceremonies, customs and art works. 

Showcase Project - Kindergarten Online Notes to the Leprechaun

Kindergarten students set out traps the capture the leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day. When their traps failed to capture the leprechaun students used Primary Wall to send notes to the Leprechaun.

Showcase Project - Kindergarten Character Traits Pictures

Kindergarten students painted pictures using Tux Paint. Pictures were based on a book read in class called Mrs. Wishy Washy. Students were asked to identify a character trait that describes themselves and illustrate that character trait. Students were introduced to the text and painting tools in Tux Paint. 

Showcase Project - Grade 1 Bookmarks

Grade 1 students created bookmarks in the shape of a heart based on their own personal strengths. 

Showcase Project - Grade 1 Animal Webpages

Grade 1 students created animal webpages. To make the animal webpages the students researched an animal of their choice and learned all about the animal's diet, lifespan, stages of growth, habitat and more. The students then drew pictures of their animals using Microsoft Paint and typed up facts about their animal into their Kidblog webpage. To view the webpages for each class, click on the teacher name:Hilsen, GonzalesBlockusername: guest, password: guest

Showcase Project - Kindergarten 

Kindergarten students will be learning about symmetry and are also spending time in the school garden. Students used the paint program on ABCya to create pictures of bugs after hearing the story,  BUGS, BUGS, BUGS read aloud. After the bugs were printed in miniature, students pasted the bug pictures to strips of construction paper to make bookmarks for the library. Students wrote sayings on the book marks such as "Don't Bug Me, I'm Reading". 

Showcase Project - Kindergarten

Kindergarten students learned about Earth day and created Earth Day Posters using the Kerpoof online site. 

Showcase Project - Grade 1 "Solids and Liquids" project

Grade 1 students created posters stating some of the properties of solids. Practiced inserting clip art, re-sizing it and moving the clip art around.