Monday, June 10, 2013

Showcase Project: Lifecycle of a Mealworm

Students in Grade 1 studied the lifecycle of a mealworm. They were asked to put pictures of each stage of the lifecycle in order and label each stage.

Showcase Project: 3rd Grade Sports Comics

Students researched popular sports and summarized their learning in a comic created with Powerpoint. Students were reminded to fill captions and speech bubbles with informational content.

Showcase Project - 3rd Grade Study of Matter and Energy
Students in Mr. Kent's Grade 3 class have been learning about Matter and Energy. During technology time, students created quizzes for their classmates using Microsoft Powerpoint. Through this project, students learned how to implement transitions, animations and much more!

Showcase Project - 5th Grade Study of Theme
Students in Grade 5 read the short story "Eleven" written by Sandra Cisneros. After reading the story, students identified one of the themes found in the story and created concept maps using Kidspiration software, citing examples in the story that supported the theme.

Showcase Project - Kindergarten Water Cycle Study
Students in Kindergarten have been learning about the water cycle in Science with Ms. Isom. Using Tux Paint, students created pictures that demonstrated their knowledge of the water cycle.

Showcase Project - Grade 1 Career Projects
Students in Grade 1 learned about careers from our counselor, Ms. Riney. During technology time they created pictures using MS Paint of career they thought sounded fun, then used microphones to narrate a short message about the career.
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Showcase Project - Grade 1 Health Project
Students in Grade 1 have been learning about health in their classrooms. Students created comics using Arthur Comic Creator depicting characters making healthy choices such as eating right, exercising and getting plenty of sleep.